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displayconfigabstraction::GfxCardModel Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Describes the properties of a particular model of graphics card.

Definition at line 2325 of file displayconfigabstraction.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def addLine
def getBadFbRestore
def getBadFbRestoreXF3
def getDriGlx
def getDriGlxExperimental
def getDriver
def getFbTvOut
def getLines
def getMultiHead
def getName
def getNeedVideoRam
def getNoClockProbe
def getProprietaryDriver
def getServer
def getUnsupported
def getUtahGlx
def getUtahGlxExperimental
def getVendor
def setBadFbRestore
def setBadFbRestoreXF3
def setDriGlx
def setDriGlxExperimental
def setDriver
def setFbTvOut
def setMultiHead
def setNeedVideoRam
def setNoClockProbe
def setProprietaryDriver
def setSee
def setServer
def setUnsupported
def setUtahGlx
def setUtahGlxExperimental
def setVendor

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _get

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