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displayconfigabstraction::Screen Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Represents a single output/screen/monitor on a graphics card.

Changes to the screen resolution, refresh rate, rotation and reflection
settings are not made active until the method applyResolutionSettings() is
called. After calling applyResolutionSettings(), changes can be backed out
of with the revertResolutionSettings() method. If you, should I say the user,
is satisfied with the new settings then call the acceptResolutionSettings()

Gamma correction settings take effect immediately, and don't take part in the
apply, revert and accept mechanism above.

Definition at line 1432 of file displayconfigabstraction.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def acceptGammaSettings
def acceptResolutionSettings
def applyResolutionSettings
def getAllGamma
def getAvailableReflections
def getAvailableRefreshRates
def getAvailableRefreshRatesForResolution
def getAvailableResolutions
def getAvailableRotations
def getBlueGamma
def getGreenGamma
def getMonitorAspect
def getMonitorModel
def getName
def getRedGamma
def getReflection
def getRefreshRateIndex
def getResolutionIndex
def getRestartHint
def getRotation
def getScreenIndex
def isGammaEqual
def isGammaLive
def isGammaSettingsChanged
def isGammaSettingsChanged
def isLive
def isResolutionLive
def isResolutionSettingsChanged
def isXorgConfigChanged
def reset
def resetResolutionSettings
def revertGammaSettings
def revertResolutionSettings
def setAllGamma
def setBlueGamma
def setGreenGamma
def setMonitorAspect
def setMonitorModel
def setRedGamma
def setReflection
def setRefreshRateIndex
def setResolutionIndex
def setRotation

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 RR_Reflect_X = xf86misc.XF86Screen.RR_Reflect_X
 RR_Reflect_Y = xf86misc.XF86Screen.RR_Reflect_Y
 RR_Rotate_0 = xf86misc.XF86Screen.RR_Rotate_0
 RR_Rotate_180 = xf86misc.XF86Screen.RR_Rotate_180
 RR_Rotate_270 = xf86misc.XF86Screen.RR_Rotate_270
 RR_Rotate_90 = xf86misc.XF86Screen.RR_Rotate_90

Private Member Functions

def _computeSizesFromMonitor
def _computeSizesFromXorg
def _finalizeInit
def _getColorDepth
def _getGfxCard
def _getXorgScreenSection
def _resyncResolution
def _setXLiveScreen
def _syncXorgConfig

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