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def displayconfigabstraction::Screen::revertResolutionSettings (   self  ) 

Revert the last resolution change on the X server

Definition at line 2090 of file displayconfigabstraction.py.

02090                                       :
        """Revert the last resolution change on the X server
        if self.x_live_screen is not None and self.x_live_screen.resolutionSupportAvailable():
            # Work out what the correct index is for randr.
            (width,height) = self.available_sizes[self.originalsizeindex]
            sizeindex = 0
            for size in self.x_live_screen.getAvailableSizes():
                (pw,ph,wm,hm) = size
                if pw==width and ph==height:
                sizeindex += 1  
            self.x_live_screen.setScreenConfigAndRate(sizeindex, \
                self.originalrotation | self.originalreflection, self.originalrefreshrate)
        # FIXME this can fail if the config on the server has been updated.

    def resetResolutionSettings(self):

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